• Betty Nance Smith :: Philosophy


Betty Nance Smith considers art to be a celebration of life and a gift to be shared. A native of northern New Mexico, she shares her love of life through her paintings, which reveal a rich sense of light and color. Her masterful brushstrokes give even the most common objects a hitherto unnoticed richness and beauty.

From article by Kathleen McMullen, originally published in Decor & Style Magazine, July, 2006.

Painting has evolved for me from a talent to be used to a gift to be shared. The very act of painting is a God given gift that spurs me to work hard. Each piece has the probability of making someone happy or even filled with joy and peace, from the on-lookers who go away smiling, to the person who chooses to claim the gift as their own. In this world where life seems so ugly and tough in many arenas joy is so important. If I can make someone who sees or owns a painting even half as happy as I was when I painted it, the gift has been well used.

I invite you to journey through my creations with a sense of celebration… and a sense that beauty can be found in many expected and unexpected places with the proper illumination and desire to seek it.